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Tyson George
United States
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Personal Quote: The Internal War is an Eternal War.
Went to see my doctor this week... and what happened was... well.  Let's put it this way: I now understand why Germans were so terrified of the Gestapo.  My doctor has ceased practicing medicine and is now a practicing Sicherheitsdienst (S.D.). 

For those of you who don't know what the S.D. was it's not surprising, considering the organization had only 3,000 fulltime members during their 12 year operation.  The S.D. was a security department of the Third Reich - yes another secret security department of a government that already had the S.S., the S.A., and the Gestapo.  They were responsible for placing spies in families and microphones in rooms in order to weed out anti-Nazi Germans.

I know you're probably tired of hearing my rambles about government, and that I sound like I'm just airing dirty laundry, but take a moment to see why I am terrified.  First off, I'm in pain, my stomach has been causing me trouble since I had pneumonia in 2011.  When in constant pain, you begin to panic, like I am right now, and you become desperate for help.  When doctor's will not treat your problems accordingly, that fear increases because there is no end in sight.  Now to be honest, I did request Vicodin.  I know some of you are thinking: "Well that's why she didn't treat you."  Or some other justification, but let me explain.  First I've been off painkillers for 11 months now and am proud of it.  The trouble is I'm in constant pain, and this medication is the only thing that works.  I can hardly be a criminal for wanting relief. 

Yet, I am now...

Here is where things take a dark turn.  Prior to my visit I had to fill out a form filled with questionnaires.  One of the questions was: Do you own a gun?  If yes, is it locked up?  I don't need to tell you that accessibility to a projectile weapon is immaterial to my medical treatment.  But let's say hypothetically I did have a weapon, any mention of any violent tendencies - even in a dream-  will trigger a response from the police who will then come and steal - yes it's stealing no matter what the law says - the weapon away.  But wait!  How would the police know unless the doctor broke patient confidentiality?  Yes, that's another dark turn.  There is no more Doctor/Patient Confidentiality.  All my records are now shared at the IRS.  Oh yes, and there is new policy: any protest of any kind is reported to the police. 

But why would I disagree with my doctor?  Well I naturally took issue when I was refused help I wanted.  Bear in mind she did not tell me specifically why the Vicodin was harmful, it was glanced over.  I would think that someone who spent 8 to 12 years in school to learn the affects of drugs on the human body would be more forthcoming when it came to explaining a medical choice like this.  No, no details.  She said: "I don't want to give you Vicodin gut".  When asked what it was she only listed a single symptom "constipation".  Considering what I'm suffering a little constipation is 100X better than what I'm enduring.  I checked online MD pages and found no references to this condition, specifically what makes it bad, nor any substantive information on how harmful Vicodin really is.  Compared to say alcohol, Vicodin is a ton safer! In fact the drugs I'm currently on, Omeprizol, is actually causing half my symptoms, but I can't stop taking it because the pain would be worse. 

Then we came to the talk about insurance.  She recommend I go see a GI specialist, but I can't afford that, shoot I couldn't really afford to see her!  She then tersely recommended Medi-Cal or CMSP.  I tried, I don't qualify when she asked why I truthfully replied the UI benefits put me over the limit.  She then recommended just buying insurance.  Again, too expensive.  When she asked for specifics I said: It costs $100 a month with a $6000 deductible...

Her reply - and I quot:  "Oh, so it's a co-pay".

*blinks*  The fact I had to explain to a doctor how medical insurance works is bad enough, but when a doctor doesn't know what a deductible is...  I find this a touch curious.  I explained: a deductible means you have to pay the first $6000 in cost before insurance picks up the tab.  Still I was very alarmed that my own doctor put words in my mouth.  The only doctor I trust now is my chiropractor, because he admits when he's forced to read from a script. 

So to recap, my doctor read from a script, lied to me, put words in my mouth, and reported me to the police.  Now granted I may not be arrested right away, but I know this record will be used against me in the pending future.

*sigh* I don't blame her, she's just trying to follow the rules, but when law makes you criminal by default something is wrong.  Every week this country takes steps toward Fascism.  I've lost count just how many dictatorship signs came out this year alone.  There was Bengazi, the IRS scandal, the NSA scandal, the ACA debacle (yet another law that makes me criminally guilty by default come 2014), the Census Beuro scandal, the Nuclear Option, new laws enabling certain social circles to sue or ban you from working if you so much as speak out against them, the Syria crisis, the drone filibuster, the 2nd Amendment reform.

Honestly what else am I to expect?  Being a Christian and believe in the bible, I knew this was coming.  What, should I have expected to have a painless transition into persecution?  Just get this over with. 

At least I still have a sense of humor and hope for the future.  It's just got to get worse before it gets better.  BtW, I'm still predicting I'll die by firing squad.  Anybody care to wager how I'll go out?  If you win, I'll owe you a Coke, hopefully we can find one in the rubble left over.
  • Mood: Distressed
  • Listening to: Prizim
  • Reading: Rise and Fall of the Third Reich
  • Watching: Law & Order
  • Playing: C&C Generals ZH
  • Drinking: Coffee

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